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I will use this page to inform you of newly received items.  I currently have a large selection of powders, primers, brass, and bullets.  I also have presses, dies and other accessories.  Let me know what you need and I will do my best to supply it.

Recall!!!!  Accurate 2520 one pound canisters with lot number 0913192116 is being recalled because use of this powder may result in high pressure loads.  Discontinue use and call 913-362-9455 for further instructions on disposal and refunds.


Recall!!!!   Winchester is recalling some of its 9mm ammunition because the powder may not ignite properly causing a possible barrel obstruction.  Go to Winchester's website for more information.


Recall:   IMR 4007 SSC.  Please see the IMR website for information and instructions.  It is a good idea to occasionally check the websites of the companies that make any of the components you use to check for recalls or safety notices.


New Bullets in stock: 

Hornady .224 40gr. V-Max

Hornady .224 55gr. and 62gr. FMJ-BT W/C

Nosler .224 69gr. HPBT Custom Competition

Hornady .308 150 gr. FMJ-BT, and 208gr. ELD Match

Hornady .355 90gr. HP XTP, 115gr. FMJRN, and 125gr. HAP

38 caliber plated bullets in 125gr. and 158gr. TMJFP

Hornady .400 180gr. HAP

Hornady .451 230gr. HAP

Of course I do have other bullets in stock, these are just the latest additions.  Email me with a list of what you need and I will see if I can help.


Automatic Knives:  I now have a few automatic knives in stock, both out the front and side folding.  If this is something you are looking for, contact me.


Everyone uses Knives.  I have several knives including regular folders, spring assist folders, automatics described above and fixed blade knives in all sizes.  I even have swords including some with beautiful damascus blades.  I have several folding knives for $10 or less as well as pepper spray.


I am now a Slip 2000 dealer.  Let me know if you need any of these wonderful products.

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