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Dedicated to the glory of God and the love of the sport

    This company exists to serve the shooting sports enthusiasts and reloaders in Norman, OK, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding central Oklahoma area.  Whether you shoot for competition, hunting, or recreation, I want to serve you by providing the tools, components, and accessories you need to reach your goals.  I have accounts with several distributors and manufacturers and can offer most shooting and reloading supplies and components as well as firearms, optics, and knives at competitive prices.  I can also order a large selection of hunting, camping, and novelty items.  Since this is still a small business, I can be flexible to meet my customer's needs, however I need your help to make those hard decisions on which items to keep in stock.  Please don't hesitate to let me know what you need.  Click on the "Locations" link above to see where you can meet me and purchase reloading and shooting supplies.  I look forward to serving you by making it easier to find what you need to participate in the shooting sports in the central Oklahoma area.  You can contact me at customerservice@bullseyeoutdoorsports.com.  Shoot safely and I look forward to hearing from you.


    I actually find time to update this web site occasionally, so please check back to see what's new.  Especially check the "breaking news" page.  That is where I will post new product offerings.

I am a life member of the NRA and the IHMSA and I encourage you to join the NRA to help promote gun safety and preserve our Second Amendment freedoms.

Edwin Cook
Bullseye Outdoor Sports

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